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Saturday, 16 December 2017 Land VAT YuZheng tax amount of calculation formula: YuZheng land VAT tax = sales income x YuZheng pumps shoes

Report from our correspondent (reporter XueZhe) for regulating property market, zhuhai or will again raise land VAT YuZheng rate. Yesterday, chongqing about adjusting land tax bureau issued a YuZheng rate of VAT announcement (draft) (hereinafter referred to as the announcement after ").

The "notice" shows that chongqing future land VAT will be executed by three POTS, value added tax YuZheng rate 1% ~ 2% from the previous adjustment to 2% ~ 5%. The deadline for advice for the 11th.

Villa commercial housing YuZheng rate mention to 5%

The announcement of this year, according to real estate development enterprise 1 May obtain development product sales (pre-sale) income, YuZheng rate land value-added tax in accordance with 2% ~ the tax rate of 5% execution. Zhuhai's land VAT YuZheng rate will be divided into three gears, the first spy is common housing (average house by single set of the oldest building in the area in 144 squa christian louboutin boots re meters of YuZheng rate under 2% housing); The common housing and garage YuZheng rate to 3.5 per cent; Single-family villas and as regards (commercial housing) YuZheng rate of 5%.

Before the housing land VAT, zhuhai YuZheng rate is divided into two gears, including common housing tax for 1%, the common housing for 2%.

Restrain developers built single-family villas

"Raise land VAT YuZheng rate, property developers to develop high-end housing, it must prepaid a portion of the money." Chongqing industry and commerce university, said ShangKeWen land tax experts YuZheng rate raise VAT, development of high-grade houses after cost will more and more high, the government's aim is through the tax regulation, guide developers of ordinary people can spend the construction, restrain the commodity residential real estate enterprise construction sing breitling fake watches le-family villas. And improve YuZheng high-grade houses, and villa independent rate YuZheng rate, this is a high-end room with chongqing control prices control ideas tally.

Developers capital chain will face pressure

A large property developers chongqing branch financial accounting for estate business, said WangLiJuan concerned, improve the rate of land value-added tax YuZheng after, take, engineering and bank loan interest is in need of money, if the money cannot seasonable in place, it could lead to capital chain rupture.

Another well-known developers ZhouShiJie said financial personnel, at present, under the situation of mortgage tightening bank can show consumer loan reduaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace money collecting, developers more slowly. YuZheng land VAT increase, real estate developers need more pulled out a fee, as for the develop christian louboutin ers to capiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatal chain will bring greater pressure.


Development single-family villas VAT tax cost is common housing more than twice

Land VAT YuZheng tax amount of calculation formula: YuZheng land VAT tax = sales income x YuZheng rate.

Suppose that a real estate developers to develop a can sell 10 million of common housing, according to "the announcement of Y Louis Vuitton Replica handbags uZheng rate of 2%, the VAT tax YuZheng for 20 million yuan. But if development a sale price 10 million of single-family villas, so according to the 5% of the YuZheng rate, it shall pay 50 million yuan of VAT YuZheng tax. Development single-family villas of VAT tax cost is to develop common housing more than two times.
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