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Saturday, 16 December 2017 Five small holiday, the author and property few counterparts, this is for dinner eating one friend off, chatting, or chatting around a house prices shoes for sale

Five small holiday, the author and property few counterparts, this is for dinner eating one friend off, chatting, or chatting around a house prices topic.

Someone mentioned the industry w cartier fake watches ere reviewed by China bluechemical bridal chamber discount "news, really just response government regulation policies, not from market pressure, I won't say it, light program, said the surge, the crowds to perform various queue forme consumers. Allegedly, a large number of homeowners began to break wait-and-see emotions surrounding the building, making the subscribe of sold in the building into more than passive, some developers have taken measures. "The price it is cheap relative to the market, make me all point soon, considering going through the relationship give oneself rob a set of. But I drive to the building dish and saw once, or call off. The traffic is convenient, the entire journey, high-speed? A trip to 40 minutes, still ten yuan toll, isn't that money which worked out every day. Later, the light posted the road add up the enough money, don't save activists said other inconvenience. Don't understand how so many people go to rob, this car, if not spent on the road every tim christian louboutin boots e not?" A media counterparts to share the experience. Everyone shake head to sigh, this market is crazy, who read this prices? Everyday, everyday voting shouted regulation heart, citizens have teeth, if hate to itch like these two days of stock market prices to a time like the big diving. Is so want to, but who also can't wait, house prices got a bit loose, consumer as hungry for days like crazy robbed.

"The information industry insiders revealed what zha bai, you think? Developers will depreciate?" Don't know who mention 1, who all want to know the answer to the problem of only a few lost present name "developers representative". The silence, the ice. "How could think, now house prices we also look not to understand." In a real estate company do sales girl opened its mouth: "who wouldn't active price cut, are you looking at me, I look at you, who will take the head? He said this CSCL, but be a gimmick just, where is the true price cut. That's a sweetener, home buyers are in great Numbers, which real estate are so stupid head, active sale?" "Also, listen to us that the head m christian louboutin ean, no need to cut. Every time give the meaning of our training but is sales skills, room or the room, the price or the price, as long as the stunt find good, not sorrow find buyers." Another "insiders" connect a words, it is a moment of silence. "That have what cheaper good
Who also look not to understand house prices, who also said it was not clear how the housing market will be the trend. Ma Louis Vuitton Replica handbags ny expensive house or someone buy, how far house or someone, see, this is the actual purchasing power and potential purchasing power, who will be ignored, who ignored it?
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