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Saturday, 16 December 2017 However, the reality has some factors of open quotation plan will tory burch shoes

Recently, many institutions to April Beijing housing average did statistics, these institutions, according to the data are in Beijing's house prices control target issued after a month, Beijing to reach new average house prices have drop "" stability of the target.

According to the statistics, Howard institutions on April, 23 opening for the overall average project 22746 yuan/opening march down square meters, annulus 13.23%.

Industry insiders told report tag heuer fake watches ers, four city of buildings in outer moon lower price, and the majority, so pure XinPan down the average new average house. In may, Beijing city building, will again be pure XinPan outer first, may overall opened in April to average more than low.

Pure XinPan prices down

In April, the project, the Beijing opened seven are pure new project, not only during the opening accounted for total 1/3, and a quarter XinPan quantity listed are basically. In addition, clinch a deal before in April of several are located in yanqing, clouds, outer fang shan magmatic and changping etc, these buildings are the average in 16000 yuan/square meters - 18,000 yuan/square meters between.

In fact, from April to see, Beijing, a structure of falling home prices and the increase of XinPan entry because pure, and low prices and outer building down all valence.

The hao institutions GuoYi said: "at present director, XinPan launched price rises or open quotation price stops below expectations has become a common phenomenon. April dwelling commencements in an average increase in the price of around 1,000 yuan/square meters XinPan accelerate. Pure, the fle  christian louboutin boots xible pricing listed the advantage to play down prices role."

Beijing, may plan XinPan opening project, pure the main entry quantity continues to be. In planning the entries in 36 projects, including the first entry for 17, pure XinPan old project in the late 19.

Ocean ka research director MengJi told reporters: "compared with late XinPan project in pricing, pure the pressure to smaller because opening time. Later the project caused by increased costs, plus to avoid old owner complaints, its pricing will generally more than previous projects. And XinPan pricing no previous projects, therefore easier to compare the actual situation, based on the current fine-tune. In fact, at present the final pricing XinPan than many expected drop all."

another time this feeling.

Beijing some on sale building sales director told reporters: "if a building price, then it will lead the limited customers. So in the guest sucked under the condition of limited, in the other with regional building will be passivel christian louboutin y. Now, Beijing besides ocean side besides, basic no direct reduction. Currently, our building according to the customer's accumulation degree, and then after repeatedly investigation, then set a more reasonable prices, hope preemptive opportunities, when every session in. Otherwise, began to after sales will be more difficult."

In fact, in the second quarter to start, Beijing potential supply magnification of the trend, facing the plot in 2009 patted entry time this year had arrived. That year, Beijing daxing etc of fang shan magmatic, clinch a deal the 28 cases of suburban housing land, these areas will have nearly 30 XinPan entry in this year.

The league property (002285) north China strategy resource center to reporters LiuChunYan general manager,
In fact, despite previously insiders are expected to start from April prices will loose, but the real price loose didn't come. However, insiders still think, the second quarter will targetting developers depreciate sales promotion.

The sun 100 FanXiaoChong standing vice President to reporters: "in room number of times, the person that buy a ticket is li Louis Vuitton Replica handbags mited, so the potential buyers for each building spoiled it is important, especially when it is in the suburbs of relatively high homogeneity. Choose the first opening dish instead may obtain developer sales results, if compare good drag, yunda pressure will be bigger."

However, the reality has some factors of open quotation plan will influence.

Some industry insiders is told reporters: "during May Day had four or five XinPan to enter the market, but with no according to stipulations prepared a room and a price of required materials, therefore delayed opening, finally only two building market."

The insiders say, a room and a price need prepare relevant manuals, manual is printed by the developers themselves, or be distributed by appoint the content, manual also does not have clear, because information is not complete, developers in sensitive time in order to avoid the trouble, choose by exposure delay market. '

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