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Saturday, 16 December 2017 company. Tory Burch Outlet

company; and it contained the following reference: — " Quantity required, coloured red, 160 and 168a, 6 Christian Louboutin Shoes . 1r. 22p." That, on the 16th March, 1847, said company served the plaintiffs with another notice similar to the last, save that the schedule therein referred to was different: it was to the following effect:—" All that piece of land," &c, "containing in the whole 26,347 square yards superficial, or thereabouts, and which premises are parcel of certain lands and hereditaments described in the plan and book of reference of said railway, authorised by said firstly mentioned act, and therein numbered 160, 168, and 168 a." That annexed to such notice was a plan which contained the whole of said barn and pasture marked 168, and said two pieces of land marked respectively 168 a and 160, except so much thereof as had been previously purchased by said company. Tory Burch Outlet  nd it contained the following reference:—" Quantity required No. 168, 168 a, and 160, 26,347 square yards, or 6a. 1r. 31 P. The bill charged that the company had under the circumstances no compulsory power to take the premises in question, their powers for that purpose having been exhausted; that if the company had any such power, they had not served a proper


MBT Shoes otice; those which were served having been irregular and defective, inasmuch as they did not shew for what purpose said land was required by the company. That the company threaten to take possessionunder the compulsory powers of the first act or tit compulsory provisions of the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, unless restrained by the injunction of tin Court. The bill prayed an injunction aecordinglj, and that it might be declared, that, under the ciic.r.stances aforesaid, all the compulsory powers formerly vested in said company, enabling them to take said land) and premises, are exhausted, and have already beenraUr carried into effect. The defendants had not answers!Bolt and Bagshawe now moved for an injunction, ul contended that the compulsory powers given Tory Burch y tin two first acts had been exhausted by the negotiations between the company and plaintiffs; and that, undo the third act, there was no power whatever to take plaintiffs' land, it not having been mentioned in the schedule. That the two last notices were wholly defective, as they did not state for the purposes of which of the acts they required the land; the notice was for the purposes of the three acts, or one of them; thatplaiitiffs could not tell whether

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