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Wednesday, 21 February 2018 Christian Louboutin Sale ut the question is

powers to take lands, ud.*y:T the powers, authorities, &c, contained in the saidreciteda^ (the two previous acts), (except such of them, or snia p»TM thereof respectively, as are repugnant to this act, He.), at*1 tend and he construed to extend to this act," &c.situated to the railway. Christian Louboutin Sale ut the question is, whether the method of description adopted in this notice brings the case within this principle. It appears to me that it does not, because although there may be different modes of describing a quantity of land, yet if you do so in two maps by the same delineations, the same boundaries and fences, there is a complete identity of description, and the circumstance that it might be said that the quantity is so and so Tory Burch Outlet  n one, and different in the other, does not at all affect the identity of the description of the land. There can be here no doubt what was the land required; no such slight variation in the quantity of the land in question can create a doubt when it is described by maps and boundaries. I do not think there arises here any doubt. The next question is, whether the powers of the act have been exhausted. It appears to me impossible to say that they are. Although the company have power under the first act to build a station, yet the making of this is



Cheap MBT Shoes  natter which may not come into contemplation until after the railway has been made. Then it comes to this: by the third act no station was authorised to be made on the lands of the plaintiffs in express words, but by the first, there might. A notice is now served which asks for the lands of the plaintiffs, which excludes the notion of building a station under the third act, but the company inform the plaintiffs that their object Is to build a station on the ground required. There is nothing upon the face of the notices to enable me to say that they were inaccurately given; my opinion is, that the case has been altogether a case of misapprehension. —Injunction refused. »VICE-CHANCELLOR KNIGHT BRUCE'S COURT. Barker V. Birch.—June 24, 25, and 26; July 16. Pleading—Administration Suit. S. B., by his Will, gave all his Real and Personal Estate to his Wife J. B., and appointed C. B., W. L., and J. B., his Tory Burch Shoes xecutors. C. B. alone proved the Will, but W. L. also, to some Extent, acted in the Administration. J. B., by her Will, gave all her Estate to J. E. D. and O. R. H., in Trust for her six Children, and appointed J. E. D. and 6. R. H. Executors of her Will, and also, jointly with C. B. and W.L., Guardians of her Children. Upon a Suit instituted by the

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