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Saturday, 16 December 2017 and Christian Louboutin Shoes

sale by that company to Birch and Darby or to Birch alone, was a fraudulent contrivance of Birch, and Christian Louboutin Shoes oid; that an account might be taken of the personal estate and effects of the testator Barker which had or, but for the wilful default of Birch and Lawson, or either of them, might have come to their hands, including the leasehold premises, plant, stock in trade, &c.; and also an account of the profits derived by Birch from continuing and carrying on the testator's business; also an account of the testator's debts and funeral expenses; that the testator's personal estate might be applied in a due course of administration; that Birch and Lawson might be decreed to pay what might be found due from them; that they might pay the costs of the suit, and for other relief. The defence of Birch was, that the sale Tory Burch Outlet o, and purchase for, the Tipton Company were bonk fide made; that the testators estate was wholly insolvent, and that there was no collusive dealing. The defendant Lawson said that he never acted as executor, and that what he had done before the proof of the will was as a friend of the widow, and with a view to save her from the distress in which she was placed by her husband's Tory Burch Shoes eath, and, with a view to this, he had endeavoured to



MBT Shoes romote a subscription amongst his and her friends for the benefit of herself and the children, and that Birch had agreed to pay her 70/. a-year until the business should become prosperous, in which agreement he, Lawson, had concurred, as a friend, and in nowise as an executor of the will.Kenyan Parker, Bacon, and Willcock, for the plaintiffs, agreed, on an objection taken by the defendants, "that the Tipton Furnace Company ought to be parties, Birch having purchased under them;" that the bill should be dismissed so far as related to that transaction, excepting only so far as it sought to make Birch liable as a trustee for the plaintiffs. . Knight Bruce, V. C.—Can I do more than direct an account of all dealings and transactions between Barker and Birch, and under what circumstances this deed was executed?Russell admitted, that unless, under the special circumstances, he could displace the case made, that would be a proper decree.Russell, Heathfield, and Haddon, for defendant Birch, insisted that the bill ought to be dismissed, for no collusion was proved, and cited Law v. Law, (3 P. W. 391); Tory Burch lmslie v. Af'Aulay, 3 Bro. C. C. 624); Hammond y. Messenger, (9 Sim. 327); and Pearce v. Hewitt, (7 Sim. 471).Shapter, (and other

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